Upgrading the electronic business of the company Počkaj d.o.o. to expand its business to foreign markets

The company is implementing improvements in the electronic exchange between partners, digitization of appearances at fairs, a website for foreign markets, product videos, and competence building and training which will affect the reduction of costs, optimize workflow, improve quality, and employee satisfaction. The main plan is to improve automatization, digitalization of international processes, and therefore improved market competitiveness. With the implemented improvements the company will be able to easier interact with business partners, increase visibility and trust in products and services, increase exports, value-added and profits in foreign markets, and improve market position.
The company will be co-financed for the 70% of investment from the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union in the period of 2.20.2019 – 31.8.2020.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the Cohesion Fund.

More info: www.eu-skladi.si