Roulette Wheel

    Quick and efficient


    xperience the dawn of a new gaming era with Alfastreet’s revitalized SL Wheel, your ultimate solution for efficient and strategic gaming. Our Roulette Wheel has been meticulously crafted to be a part of our sophisticated wheel-based games range, which includes beloved classics such as Roulette, SicBo, and Craps.

    The freshly remodeled Roulette Wheel goes beyond tradition, coupling space efficiency with maximized profit opportunities. Its design concept gravitates towards minimal floor space occupation, yet its impact is anything but minimal. Its compactness allows casino owners to arrange independent terminals connected to the wheel in any configuration, yielding strategic placement throughout the casino floor.

    As we continue to push the envelope of innovation, we’re excited to introduce new features that set the Roulette Wheel apart. The wheel now boasts an engaging new graphic on the cylinder. This refreshed look not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of the wheel but also enhances the overall gaming experience, keeping players engaged for longer.But the transformation isn’t just skin deep. Behind its new, sleek look, the Roulette Wheel has undergone substantial performance enhancements. It has been fine-tuned and rigorously tested to ensure improved, faster performance that can withstand long hours of non-stop gaming action. This reinforces our commitment to providing both casino owners and players with superior gaming solutions that are as robust as they are enjoyable.


    • Unlimited connectivity to live and automatic game sources
    • Optional Dual spin feature provides added excitement to the players
    • Attractive Signage options
    • Footprint: 1,74 m2 [18.7 ft2]



    1590 mm [62 5/8″]


    1390 mm [54 3/4″]


    947 mm [37 5/16″]



    All of our cabinets can be connected to 32 games at the same time and run-in live, auto and virtual modes. We offer a selection of games for each of the cabinets where you can bet multiple games at the same time, split screens, play tournament games, make side bets and play progressive jackpot systems.