Royal Derby

    A work of art


    tep into the thrilling world of our one-of-a-kind game that promises to evoke a sense of nostalgia in seasoned players and spark unprecedented excitement in newcomers. Watch as six horses compete for victory in hyper-realistic races set against breathtaking landscapes, complete with a captivating commentator to keep the adrenaline running high.


    This novel game is more than just a pastime; it’s an experience. We’ve integrated advanced patented technology to create an immersive gaming environment that will undoubtedly draw in crowds and keep your players’ attention riveted.


    And while this game pushes the boundaries of innovation, it doesn’t compromise on reliability. Known for our high-reliability standards, we’ve ensured this gaming experience upholds our reputation for dependability. Dive into this unique game, where the thrill of the race meets the sophistication of advanced technology, providing an unforgettable gaming journey.


    • Six horses
    • Completely customised design and features
    • 360 degrees camera follows the race real-time
    • Attractive and exciting game sequence
    • Connectable to any Alfastreet terminal
    • Footprint without terminals: 7,76 m2 [83.5 ft2]



    3600 mm [141 ¾”]


    2390 mm [94 1/8″]


    1190 mm [46 7/8″]



    All of our terminals can be connected to 32 games at the same time and run-in live, auto and virtual modes. We offer a selection of games for each of the terminals where you can bet multiple games at the same time, split screens, play tournament games, make side bets and play progressive jackpot systems.