Suitable for every floor


    mong the latest to join our Roulette offerings, L5, part of the Lucky Line is a compact yet versatile game machine that redefines efficiency. This cabinet, though small in size, can comfortably seat 5 players, providing optimum privacy and comfort. Each player is treated to a splendid view of the Roulette wheel and an immersive 23.8” display. Furthermore, with its array of design options and accessories, L5 stands as a unique star on any casino floor.

    While smaller in size compared to our renowned R8 roulette, L5 brings an equal measure of excitement, efficiency, and reliability, all backed by Alfastreet’s uncompromising quality. Key features include easier component access, more straightforward assembly, and an enhanced design.


    • Supports the Multi-Game and Simultaneous Play options
    • User-friendly interface with involving graphics and dynamic statistics
    • USB chargers
    • Footprint: 4,03 m2 [43.4 ft2]



    2250 mm [88 9/16″]


    2150 mm [84 5/8″]


    950 mm [37 3/8″]

    With signage

    2410 mm [94 7/8″]



    All of our cabinets can be connected to 32 games at the same time and run-in live, auto and virtual modes. We offer a selection of games for each of the cabinets where you can bet multiple games at the same time, split screens, play tournament games, make side bets and play progressive jackpot systems.