After almost three years of exhibition pause for Alfastreet, we came back with a successful and fruitful three days at London ICE 2023. Our goal was to present all the novelties we were preparing in those years – hardware and also software implementations that are implying the future of the casino market.

One of the biggest novelties this year was a brand new single terminal Verso with distinctive features and design and with a vision different from other EGT terminals on the market. Its elegance jet efficiency, customization options, stability, and ergonomic seating position are just a few characteristics to make it one of the best alternatives to others. Designed and developed by Alfastreet, and updated with elegance, it is the right choice to attract both passionate players and other casino visitors.

In addition to this product, Alfastreet also unveiled some new gaming solutions, new wall displays, and eye-catching animations, as well as a brand new electronic Black Jack table, Single dice wheel, and Lucky 5. Along with brand-new products, we also highlighted some of the design and beauty upgrades such as a visually updated Virgo single terminal, and an upgraded Lucky 8 Roulette with updated signage.

We believe that London ICE 2023 was an event with a great opportunity to display all of the work we invested into the products and a chance to catch up with all the partners, customers, and friends and we are really looking forward to all of the upcoming events. We already confirmed attendance for GAT Expo, BEGE, Belgrade Future Gaming, and G2E Asia gaming show, as well; we confirmed the upcoming G2E Las Vegas show in October. Besides these professional exhibitions, we plan to organize also some private presentations and events, where the local operators will be able to see all the novelties and meet with Alfastreet representatives.