Grand Opening of Alfastreet Woodtech

It has been 25 years since the first machine was sold under the brand name of Alfastreet and with constant innovation and determination of evolving, we became one of the companies in the gaming industry with the highest range of products meaning we are able to offer our customers almost all equipment needed for Casinos.At the beginning of 2018, the company Alfastreet Gaming decided to move its wood facilities from Rodik, where the company started 25 years ago, to the production facilities in Sežana. The company began to build the extension of high technology wood production part that was completely finished in April 2019. The 25th year of the company, therefore, brings modern and even more technologically grounded facilities with better options for development and productions. The extension brings also promise to deliver an even wider range of innovative products. Just a few months later we celebrated Grand Opening of the new facilities under the name Alfastreet WoodTech.

We are grateful to everyone who stood by our side in all those years especially our Families, Friends, Customers and Partners that we collaborate with and create greats stories, with more to come.