G2E Las Vegas 2023: Alfastreet showcases the future of gaming with groundbreaking innovations

As G2E Las Vegas, North America’s premier gaming professionals gathering, opens this year, Alfastreet is set to dazzle attendees with a suite of cutting-edge gaming innovations, underscoring its reputation as an industry trailblazer.

As is our tradition, we’re showcasing some of our standout products at the Las Vegas expo. This time, we’re set to dazzle with Virgo, Verso, Lucky 8, L5, and the Roulette Cylinder.

Virgo & Verso: The future of gaming, elegantly crafted and technologically advanced

Our newest entrant, Virgo, represents the pinnacle of gaming terminal evolution. Meticulously designed, this stand-alone unit not only boasts endurance for demanding environments but also exudes elegance, fitting seamlessly in opulent casino settings. Whether individually placed or combined into a larger structure, Virgo’s unique design and minimal footprint promise to redefine casino landscapes.

Also, Verso, a synthesis of decades-long expertise, is no stranger to those who anticipate the future of gaming. Equipped with our latest software, it promises unparalleled connectivity – be it live tables, remote game generators, or any other gaming machine on the floor.

Lucky Line: Where Compact Brilliance Meets Iconic Roulette Mastery

Stepping into the arena is our 8-station Roulette, Lucky 8. Although 25% more compact than the celebrated R8 Roulette, it loses none of its allure or performance. Designed to be a showstopper, it harmoniously blends durability with fresh aesthetics, promising to be an instant magnet on the casino floor.

Moreover, the L5, one of our latest additions to Lucky Line, is a masterclass in balancing compactness with capability. Capable of seating five while ensuring peak privacy and comfort, it offers players a mesmerizing 23.8″ display of the Roulette wheel. Despite its smaller footprint compared to the revered R8, the L5 encapsulates the essence of thrilling gameplay, all supported by Alfastreet’s legendary quality standards.

As the world of gaming constantly evolves, Alfastreet remains committed to pushing boundaries, ensuring both players and operators are continually offered the best in innovation, design, and reliability.

Join us on this journey into the future of gaming. Visit Alfastreet at Stand No. 2448 at G2E Las Vegas and witness gaming evolution in its finest form.