lfastreet remote play offers a very innovative and advanced solution for casino players that wish to play directly from the comfort of their homes or a hotel room. Specially designed software and the latest hardware provide the operators with a safe and reliable way of reaching their players outside of the borders of the property. Flexible set-ups, different user and administrator accounts, high-quality video streaming, top-level security, give additional value to your property and require far less investment compared to the actual machines inside the Casino. A variety of games is already available,
with more being developed all the time. Alfastreet remote play helps retain the loyalty of your players and enhances their
experience in every way.


In-house remote play is a variation of the original software, where the players are located inside the Casino building and play on the WiFi network. The possibility of using any handheld device and the flexibility this feature offers will provide additional revenue to any operation. Players are able to ‘follow’ their game regardless of their movement inside the premises and have the option of playing several games at the same time. In-house remote play is a unique, highly
advanced yet simple solution that’ll make your operation an even bigger success.