This year kicked off remarkably well for Alfastreet Colombia, led by Alexander Rodriguez
Illera, setting a promising tone for the new season. The success continued to roll in following
the GAT Expo Cartagena, held between March 29-30. Alfastreet once again showcased its
highly competitive products that delight customers and guarantee a worry-free and lasting
lifespan. This, coupled with our representative’s exceptional sales and service support, has
resulted in a steady stream of orders for this year. Alfastreet confidently asserts that the best
is still on the horizon. Existing devices will receive upgrades with the new software edition,
enhancing the player appeal and generating higher returns for operators, as individual
existing appliances will be upgraded with the new SW edition, which is much more attractive
for players while also providing operators with a higher return.
Alfastreet’s best-selling product – Lucky 8 – is currently the largest compact roulette with the
most player stations on the gaming floor in Colombia, while for smaller gaming lounges,
Alfastreet has also prepared a smaller version of this product, Lucky 5.
Alexander Rodriguez Illera commented on the collaboration with Alfastreet: “I’m deeply
gratified to have collaborated so successfully with one of the largest ETG manufacturers over
the past year and that their unwavering support extends to our operations here in Colombia.
Thanks to our fruitful and enduring partnership in recent years, we’ve managed to outfit
numerous casinos with gaming machines. As the Colombian market becomes increasingly
demanding, I appreciate the manufacturer’s receptiveness to our suggestions. It’s through
this collaborative effort that we create distinctive, superior products that bring joy to our
customers and, as a result, foster their loyalty to the brand. Moreover, we’re committed to
providing excellent technical support when necessary.
I’m equally thrilled that Alfastreet strongly emphasizes educating our technicians. Through
this investment, we can continue to assure high-quality service in the future.”
Alfastreet firmly believes that 2023 will mirror the company’s past successes in the
Colombian market, despite stiff competition striving to gain a foothold there. This confidence
stems from the company’s competitive solutions and offerings. Nevertheless, they
understand the differences across South American markets, prompting them to continually
scrutinize market trends.
The company eagerly anticipates the upcoming GAT Caribe Punta Cana, with the gaming
exhibition which is about to take place early next month. The Dominican Republic, with its
unique and dynamic market, holds promising potential for further growth. Alfastreet projects
consistent results in this market for the current year as well. With ambitious plans laid out,
the company’s leadership is confident that they will achieve and possibly surpass these goals
in collaboration with their distributors.