Alfastreet’s Success in Colombia: Growing Sales, Strong Partnerships, and a Bright Future

Colombia is a strategic market for Alfastreet, where the company is experiencing growing sales of its products to both regular and new customers. 2023 is going to be their record year, with Alfastreet becoming the number one supplier of roulettes in Colombia. The increasing number of operators choosing Alfastreet machines over those of their competitors demonstrates that the company is on the right track of development. Competition is a positive force in the market, as it brings about diversity. It allows operators to pick the best product of the year, the one that will help their business grow. It also drives Alfastreet to improve its products and services to maximize customer satisfaction.

The Colombian market is very interesting for Alfastreet. The company intends to use the experience from this market to upgrade its software solutions and to focus on offering products that have a long useful life. Alfastreet Colombia, represented by their longtime business partner and friend Alexander Rodriguez Illera, has played a key role in the success of Alfastreet roulette in the market. Mr. Illera built a professional and responsive technical team that provides quality service at the customer’s location. He says: “It’s been a busy year. We did well at trade fairs in the GAT Expo in Bogotá, and the GAT Expo Cartagena, and are getting ready for the 2024 editions. The feedback has been great; it will surely help us understand our customers’ needs better, to adjust both the products and financing options. We have a strong and transparent relationship with our customers. They trust us, as our products are of high quality, very reliable and low-maintenance. Thanks to excellent cooperation with Alfastreet, I am able to offer very effective in-field service. I look forward to G2E Las Vegas, where I will meet with the full team again and prepare sales strategies for the coming year. Colombia is a very large market with great potential, so I believe we will continue with good results”.