Alfastreet’s G2E 2019 Multi-game Stadium

The year 2019 represents a special milestone in the operation of Alfastreet, as we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.
We are proudly setting the latest trends for a quarter of a century on the casino floors all over the world and we are committed to innovate for the future of the gaming industry.
With the completion of a new production facility this year and the introduction of some revolutionary solutions, we can safely say that we are on the right track.
Since Stadium trend has conquered the industry we prepared at this year’s G2E Las Vegas only one of the limitless possibilities for the construction and Casino stadium solutions.
With stadium set up of terminals Wiky, our most selling single terminals, VIP chairs for more demanding guests of the casinos along with a combined table of live roulette cylinder and BlackJack, Big Wheel and Lucky 8 Roulette we created a perfectly networked architecture that enabled multi-game play at all game stations.
The architecture showed only a small piece of what we can do with table games connected to any kind of result generator, live, electronic or automated.
Although Alfastreet has more than 60,000 stations around the world, we have not yet established the desired position and name in the US market and therefore we continue to work hard to present the brand in the best possible way.