Alfastreet Showcases Innovative Lucky 8 with “Lucky Up Bonus” andNew Wall Overlays at GAT Expo, Bogotá

With a remarkably successful year behind us, Alfastreet is set to make a memorable mark at the highly-anticipated GAT Expo in Bogotá. 

Introducing the Lucky 8: Alfastreet’s Compact Roulette Marvel with Enhanced Winning Opportunities

We are thrilled to spotlight our new 8-station Roulette, the Lucky 8 – an innovative masterclass boasting a compact design with approximately 25% less footprint than our signature R8 Roulette. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on the wheel size, ensuring the traditional Alfastreet quality that enthusiasts have come to love. Elegantly designed, durable, and exceptionally attractive, The Lucky 8 guarantees a magnetic
presence on the casino floor. Among its many outstanding features are:
– The Multi-Game and Simultaneous Play options.
– A user-friendly interface adorned with engaging graphics and dynamic statistics.
– The practical inclusion of USB chargers.
– All of this is elegantly packed within a footprint of just 4,56 m 2 [49.1 ft2].

But the magic doesn’t end there. Embedded within the Lucky 8 is the enthralling “Lucky Up” roulette, a game-changer for those seeking heightened rewards. Alongside the standard benefits, “Lucky Up” paves the way for enhanced winning potential through additional “lucky numbers” and “lucky payouts,” offering players a tantalizing prospect of higher payouts.

Alfastreet Guarantee: Pioneering Gaming Excellence and Robust Client Support
Columbia remains a cornerstone for Alfastreet’s operations and growth, reflecting our commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences to this vital market. Our presence at such a pivotal event is a testament to this dedication, signaling our continued engagement and
investment in the region. Alfastreet’s legacy in the gaming world isn’t just built on superior products but also on the robust support and service we offer. Our clients in Columbia and beyond have always counted on our relentless drive for excellence, evident in the meticulous care we invest in machine service and client support.

Join Us at Stand A8 – A9: Let’s Chart the Future of Gaming Excellence Together
We invite all attendees to visit us at stand A8 – A9. Join us to experience the next chapter in gaming excellence and to discuss how we can collaborate to ensure a prosperous future in the gaming industry. With the success of the past year as our foundation, we are enthusiastic and confident about achieving similar, if not greater, milestones in the coming year.