We are proud to announce our return to the GAT expo Cartagena, after our more than successful attendance in 2022. Although an objectively small gaming expo, this show proved its value to our company as we gained multiple valuable customers and that resulted in a record-breaking year for our company and our presence in Colombia. Our attendance is being fully organized and executed by our exclusive distributor, Mr. Alex Rodriguez, and his company BID Americas.

Last year, our friends and our partners were enjoying an exclusive evening cruise, with plenty of entertainment and other surprises provided. This year, we will even upgrade the experience and we will make sure we present our company in the best way possible. Besides all the activities, we will also bring our latest product – the famous Lucky 8 Roulette as a star of the show. We will also present our latest software package, which includes several improvements and upgrades. Most notably, we will offer our Lucky UP feature, which will bring a new level of gaming experience to the players, and on the other side, considerable additional revenue for the operator.

As mentioned, we exceeded all our expectations in terms of sales and revenue to the Colombian market in 2022. Together with Mr. Alex Rodriguez, we prepared a perfect blend of a compact, durable, and technologically advanced cabinet, combined with a carefully designed software package that is perfectly suitable for the local players. Besides preparing the right product, we also offered the most competitive terms and great service. All this resulted in some major deals that helped us overtake the lead in the market and our Lucky 8 became a no.1 Electronic Roulette in Colombia. We are eager to see, what 2023 has in store for us. Early indicators are telling us that we are about to have another great year and this is why we are more than excited to open the LATAM Expo ‘season’ in Cartagena.

Everyone is welcome and will be warmly greeted at the Cartagena GAT expo, on 29th and 30th of march, at our booth no. A13-A14.