The first quarter of this financial year was successful for Alfastreet, exceeding the plan by an estimated 18%. The epidemic made a huge impact on the industry and the last 2 years were very hard for all the manufacturers and suppliers of gaming equipment. Alfastreet moved in the right direction from the beginning and managed successfully this crisis by taking all necessary precautions to ensure healthy and stable business in these past months.

The company CEO, Tjasa Luin Peric commented on the quarterly results: We recognized some positive movement in terms of sales already in the last 2 months of the previous year, but honestly, we were not expecting that our customers will re-start to invest already at the beginning of this year when the pandemic was still present in many countries all around the world and operators were facing low visitor entrances.

Our sales and profit forecast for the first quarter of the year was very conservative and we were actually a little bit surprised by the turn of events, as we didn’t expect the increase before the next quarter. By exceeding the sales plan by 18% and we finished the first quarter with a profit, also because of the decision to not attend the ICE show in April, as well as some other regional gaming shows, therefore relieving unnecessary expenditures.

Our sales staff re-started with travels to our worldwide partners only two months ago and now we are already fully focused and committed in the achievement of the new goal for the second quarter of the year. The forecast is very positive and we finally see a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully, the situation with the deliveries of materials will also improve in the next months, because as do many other industries, we are facing long delays, considerably affecting our planning and re-organization, while trying to fulfill most of the orders in time. It is the first time in our history that we have to operate with such long delivery dates for crucial materials and it is surprising to know that similar situations are happening in all sectors all over the world.

Alfastreet promises a lot of surprises for the next ICE show in 2023. Even though the ICE show is still relatively far away, some of the novelties will be presented at the G2E Las Vegas show later this year, but the best features are saved for the big “re-launch” in February 2023.