Alfastreet celebrating 25th anniversary

This year edition of ICE was particularly special for Alfastreet as we celebrated our 25th anniversary. For this special occasion, we made sure we present ourselves even better, with more products, new innovations and upgraded design of our stand.

For the first two days of the show, we organised a special reception for our friend and partners with some great food served and even greater company provided. We’re always looking ahead for such exhibitions as these provide a perfect opportunity to see all the people that are a part of our success, and to make sure we let them know how much we appreciate their support over last 25 years. Alfastreet is the only company that can truly claim to be a leader in the world of electronic table games, with products currently installed in 111 countries of the world. Although many claim to be the leading company, no other manufacturer can come even close to such number. 

As this year was a little bit more special, we decided to bring our latest and brightest, combined with our all time best selling products.Our VIP chair attracted some special attention, as this chair is a real VIP experience. Motorised reclining and foot rest, with massage, cold drinks, wireless charging etc., this terminal’s only fault is the fact that it’s so comfortable, a player might be tempted to take a nap instead of playing the game. Our new Big Wheel is now double sided, with same or different movement. Big wheel also includes virtual bonus wheel that provides much more excitement and allows a higher house edge for the game. Big Wheel is already making it’s path, with installation in different parts of the world.Lucky Number Jackpot is our latest progressive jackpot system which is again, innovative and first of the kind on the market. With patents pending, this system is raising eyebrows from our customers and competitors alike.We also presented our multi terminal live Black jack game, a game that can run on unlimited number of station, with assistance of a single Black Jack dealer. 

Our innovation don’t stop there, we showed our redesigned software, our new roulette signage, Fish Hunter game, virtual roulette and more. This year in particular, we made sure we make an impact and we widen the gap between us, and our followers.

We’re more than happy with the response we received and our biggest worry right now is basically, how to keep our production time on a reasonable level, as the orders for our products keep coming in. As mentioned, ICE is a perfectly organised exhibition with very little flaws and should be a reference point to the other organisers. The attendance, although not too dense, always brings in all the key people of the industry and this brings a maximum value to a company like Alfastreet. 

Overall, 2018 was another record year for our company, for the fifth consecutive year. Our key markets in Europe, Asia and Americas are well maintained and with the help of our distributors we’ll make sure Alfastreet brand remains a synonym for the electronic table games for at least another 25 years. Our goal for the 2019 is to beat ourselves for the sixth time, and we’re already well on our way.With the new production facilities that we opened just few months ago, we increased our production capacity considerably and we dedicated ourselves to provide a swift and spotless service to anyone that comes to our door. We have many new products on the development line and we can’t wait to start releasing them and show the world our value and our vision. 

We would like to thank one more time to our partners, friends and customers for all the support, patience and love they gave us, and we promise to stay true and loyal to our brand and to our relationship with every each one of them.